Dances include:


Gay Gordons, Dashing White Sergeant, Cumberland Square Eight, Hullichans, Virginia Reel, Eightsome reel, Canadian Barn Dance, Strip the Willow, The Black Nag, Orcadian Strip, Twelve Reel, Smash the Windows, Reel of the 51st, Riverside Jig, Lucky Seven, Whalebones, Foula Reel, Calliope House, Suicide Square, La Russe, Grapevine Twist, Flying Pieman, Waves of Tory, Boston Two Step, Petronella, Clopton Bridge, Waltz Country Dance, Waltzes, Wooly Jumper, OXO, Pat a cake polka, Quickstep, Circassian Circle, Duke of Perth, Rottingdean Runner,  and many more

World Dances

Syvspring, Swedish masquerade, Datchko Kolo, I want to be near you, Breton Carrousel, Seibenshritt, Boerenplof, Troika, When Johnny some marching home, Horned Ram, De Kolem, Cuckoo, Seven steps, Lithuanian Clap dance and many more

Let us know if you have a favourite: we can play almost anything given a little notice.

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